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Communities thrive when everyone has the opportunity to succeed. We are committed to meeting the needs of employers, workforce developers, and the hardworking individuals in our communities ready to embrace new opportunities.

       SecondStartDC is the vehicle through which employers who are interested in creating second chance jobs can partner with workforce developers to find candidates who are vetted and truly “job-ready”. We also make it easier to returning citizen job seekers to understand the landscape of employment opportunities and to identify the path that is right for them.


        Our approach is built on the principal of “collective impact” in which organizations across different sectors of the community align around a shared challenge and set of goals. By focusing on data sharing, accountability and continuous improvement, all contributors can see the progress toward our longer-term goals.

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If your company or organization would like to know more, or would like to become a member of the SecondStartDC alliance, we would love to hear from you. 

Please contact us at

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If you are a looking for a new employment or training opportunity, be sure to check out the programs offered by our member organizations.

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