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What is Second Chance hiring?

Second Chance Hiring is a smart strategy that generates returns for businesses and communities.


Many hiring managers are fearful of the very idea of a criminal record. But those who are providing these individuals with meaningful employment are discovering the benefits of exploring this often untapped source of talent.

Here are some of the reasons why:

Great EmployeEs

Newly published research shows that 85 percent of HR professionals and 81 percent of business leaders find that employees in their organizations with criminal records perform as well or better than those without.


Organizations with an “employee first” culture are rewarded by higher loyalty, lower turnover, and better quality output on the part of the entire workforce, not just those who have been offered second chances.


70 million adults have a criminal record, and a third of all Black men now have a felony conviction. Employers need to reconsider hiring policies and take a more individualized approach to risk assessment if they wish to make good on the statements of support for racial equality.


 Second chance hiring strengthens our communities. Giving candidates a second chance results in a strong economy and safer cities, and breaks the cycle of poverty and hardship for future generations.


 Second chance hiring is not preferential treatment; it is equal access to jobs through the elimination of unnecessary hurdles.


Learn about emerging best practices

SCBC 2.png

Second Chance Business Coalition

Provides employers with resources to hire and provide career advancement opportunities to people with criminal records

SHRM 2.png

Getting Talent Back to Work

The SHRM Foundation provides high-quality resources to support second chance employment.

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